Software Development Outsourcing

Information Technology

There are several areas we provide our BPO expertise in Information technology industry.
-Website Designing , Development and Management
- Mobile App Development and handling 
- Portal Development
- Product Engineering
- QA
- Software Development 
- Software Support

Website Designing , Development and Management

If you want more people to visit your website, contact Outsource Sri Lanka and see how we can help you grow your business.We offer website creation services from afar. We can assist you in creating a website that meets your needs completely.
Websites are critical for effective public relations, marketing, and customer relationship management initiatives.
Our web design services include:
1. Web development — We assist customers in developing an appropriate and cost-effective web app. Custom Application Development, Reverse Engineering, Application Customization, Integration, Porting, Testing, Deployment, Implementation, and Rollout Management are just a few of the services we offer.
2. Web design and development - Our web design and development services are both useful and efficient, and they meet your business needs. We thrive at creating websites that give both content and services in a rich, user-friendly web interface.
3. Application maintenance - We provide work requests, issue incident management, request/ incident processing, root cause investigation, and viable solutions as part of our application maintenance services.

Mobile App Development and handling

We offer a wide range of mobile application development and handling services. We have everything we need to produce the best mobile apps for your requirements. We use a structured mobile app development method to provide our clients with functioning and high-quality apps within a defined budget and timeline.

Portal Development

The goal of web portal development is to provide a user-friendly interface with a secure web-based platform that allows users to access capabilities. Having a single point of access to all types of information, such as articles, supplier information, and items, among other things.
Web portals are used in a variety of ways by businesses. And they are aware of how to take use of them to improve management. Creating the ideal web portal will help you to organize all your stuff into a logical structure. With a well-designed web portal, there are no limits to what you may accomplish.
Hiring a UX/UI design professional and web portal developer will allow you to access your company's websites more easily.

Product Engineering

By enlisting professional assistance, you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to product creation. From the earliest design through the market launch, we will ensure that your product is built to your exact requirements.
We provide certified QA testers and specialists with the necessary skills and knowledge to test your website or mobile apps at Casons BPO Services Sri Lanka.It is cost-effective for your company to hire one of our professionals. You can concentrate on your business while our professionals monitor your software.
We employ the most up-to-date QA testing tools to detect bugs wherever they may be hiding in the system. When it comes to testing your software, our professionals will not overlook anything.
We employ the most up-to-date QA testing tools to detect bugs wherever they may be hiding in the system. When it comes to testing your software, our professionals will not overlook anything.
The following are some of the QA and software testing services we provide:
Website Testing
Mobile App Testing
Desktop App Testing

Software Development

If you have an innovative idea that you would want to develop, Casons BPO Services can give you with the perfect team to assist you in building, improving, and creating the greatest software applications that you have imagined. With their industry-leading skills, our skilled developers can jumpstart your company idea. Our professionals are experts in a variety of fields, including implementing a large number of digital features and functions with ease.
We can work on developing custom software applications that demand extensive programming expertise. When it comes to designing cross-functional applications, our services are cost-effective.

Our professionals will work faster and wiser using their knowledge to deliver your software, keeping in mind your business project objectives.

Software Support

Outsource your software support and maintenance needs to save time and money. It is vital to upgrade your software whether you are a large or small business. It also necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. Rather than hiring a team to complete the task, you can rely on our expertise to keep your program working properly.
We offer long-term software maintenance and support services to relieve you of the burden. Our assistance services include the following:
-By offering ongoing support, we can look for flaws, problems, analyze them, and come up with remedies.
-Regularly providing improvements
-Demonstrating improvements to support them
-Introducing new features or functions
-Providing technical assistance through optimization, reorganization, or rewriting
-Adding to program by correcting minor flaws