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The most neglected and successful sales tool is passion. Customers are more likely to believe the advice of someone with the knowledge, skill, honesty, natural passion, and motivation to assist them in obtaining what they require. This is a fundamental fact that we recognized and exploited for the benefit of our clients.
We don't engage normal contact center employees to conduct sales and customer care for our travel sector clients at Live Salesman Travel BPO. Rather, we hire people who share our enthusiasm for travel. People who are addicted to travel, travel bloggers, seasoned professionals from the airline, tourist, and hospitality industries, or simply people who enjoy traveling.
People who are addicted to travel, travel bloggers, seasoned professionals from the airline, tourist, and hospitality industries, or simply people who enjoy traveling. This way, we can tap into people who have a natural desire to learn about a new place — the people, the cities, the food, the culture — as well as people who have amassed extensive knowledge about how to travel, where to stay, what to look for when booking travel, and other useful travel tips and tricks. In a nutshell, these are folks who don't need to be 'trained' how to travel.

Benefits of outsourcing travel & tours

  • An outsourcing service provider has well-trained employees and effective procedures for handling business operations more efficiently.
  • Travel firms can focus on the key business tasks that are required for their overall growth by outsourcing parts of their business activities to outsourcing partners.
  • Hiring a crew from an offshore outsourcing company might help travel companies develop better customer relationships. This allows them to conduct their business across time zones and provide nonstop service, which helps them outperform their competitors.
  • The integration of cutting-edge technology in business process solutions ensures that client data is kept safe.
  • Outsourcing service providers have specialist teams that can assist consumers in their native languages, therefore business process management services can help travel companies overcome language hurdles.

What we offer

Call Center and Booking Experts for Tour Operators

When it comes to organizing trips, most people don't have a certain destination in mind, nor do they always know much about the places they'll be visiting.
Our highly knowledgeable Travel Call Center Agents not only answer your customers' inquiries about your services, but also work as true travel consultants, assisting them in choosing the best itinerary for a great trip. They engage your prospects in relevant discussion to better understand their preferences and requirements, such as dates, places, budget, traveler profile, activities desired, and so on, and then advise them on the ideal destination itinerary and tour package for them.

Call Center and Reservation Specialists for Travel Agencies

Our Reservations and Travel Call Center agents are seasoned specialists with a thorough understanding of reservations and fare laws. They are capable of working on a variety of systems. Our Travel Call Center and Reservation operators are very knowledgeable about the best routes, frequent flyer programs, airline alliances, perks of elite status on airlines, luggage rules, and the product quality each airline offers in its many service levels. Our Travel Call Center and Reservation agents can use this information to provide a trustworthy recommendation to your consumers in order to assist them in making a reservation.
Call Center and Boking Experts for Car Rental Companies
Many of your Car rental service's USPs are sometimes lost on your customers in today's highly competitive internet climate, when customers often base their decisions solely on pricing. Our Car Rental call center and live chat experts can answer any queries your consumers may have about your car rental business, emphasizing the advantages of booking with you.
We provide your consumer with detailed information about your rental terms and conditions, including quotations and arranging reservations.
We provide breakdown help by coordinating with your roadside assistance partner and your clients. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, we will organize alternate transportation for your customers.
We can take customer calls for shuttle pick-up and organize pick-ups with your drivers for distant sites.
In addition to completing reconciliations and handling billing and invoicing, we can work with your travel agency/tour operator partners to provide them bids, make reservations, and deliver vouchers.